Simple and user-friendly management of Ethereum assets

The simple and user-friendly interface makes it easy for even a beginner to create and start using a fully functional Ethereum online wallet. It contains all the necessary features to work with ETH and ERC20 tokens. This wallet is also great for Ethereum mining.

Ethereum tokens

There are already more than 140,000 ERC20 tokens and their number is constantly growing. The wallet interface allows you to work with all of them.

Crypto exchanges

With our wallet you will be able to deposit and withdraw Ethereum coins and tokens on any cryptocurrency exchanges.


By creating an ETH mining wallet with this service, you can withdraw earnings from your balance without any limitations.





Advantages of this wallet

Simple interface

Accessing the ETH wallet and performing transactions is intuitive for the user. The interface is not overloaded with unnecessary elements, so it is very easy to understand.

Security and anonymity

Our online ETH wallet works on the client side and interacts directly with the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, it does not collect any user data, which ensures complete anonymity.


Transactions in Ethereum web wallet are performed at maximum speed, which depends only on the transaction fees set by you.


We don't add our own transaction fees. You only pay the network fee.


Our Ethereum wallet works equally well on PCs and smartphones regardless of the operating system. You get both a desktop and a mobile ETH wallet without installing any apps.

24/7 in any region

This ETH web wallet works 24/7 and has no geographical limitations.

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